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Friday, June 6, 2014

Vampire Academy Review

       One of the latest teen book to film adaptations is Vampire Academy. And this is the worst one. If I was to describe it in 3 words IO would use terrible, crap, and horrible. I couldn't tell if it was a comedy or a drama. It was unintentially funny. I laughed so many times in a film that was supposed to be dramatic.Here are some quotes from the movie "Be like every other teenage girl and dream about named men on unicorns" and "You mean Oscar, I gave him treats, I would never hurt a kitty." Laugh out laud moments in the climax.
    This was the longest 1 hour an 45 min of my life. It felt like 6 hours. It was boring. There was nothing to move the story forward. This movie should be in a museum of torture devices. I'm mad I watched this movie. Time of my life was wasted watching garbage. Every movie has at least 1 redeeming quality. Adn that for this movie was the main girl was attractive. 
    I didn't expect this movie to be good. I expected it to be crap and it was crap. The end of this movie set up for a sequel. It won't get one. On a 30 million dollar budget and it made 15 million. Losing the studio around 25 million dollars. I give Vampire Academy 2/10.

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