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Monday, July 22, 2013

SUPERMAN VS..........

     Lets continue on the Comic-Con news. Lets talk about the Man of Steel sequel. I want you to think about the 2 biggest comic-book characters ever. I don't know about you but I automatically think of Superman and Batman. So guess what I'm going to say next. The Man of Steel sequel is going to be Superman VS nanananananananaBATMAN!
     This is my favorite news that was released at Comic-Con. Way better then any thing Marvel released (saying that they didn't release that much.) But Warner Brothers/DC kicked it out of the park with one announcement. Zack Snyder said he was going to release some news about the Man of Steel sequel. First off he said they are making one with Snyder directing again. And then he announced that Amy Adams is returning as Lois Lane. But the best part was a Superman Vs Batman movie. 
     There has been no news about if the actual title of the Man of Steel will be Man of Steel 2:Superman Vs. Batman or if it will just be called Superman Vs. Batman. I would prefer just calling Superman Vs. Batman. But what does this mean for Warner Brothers and their DC comic properties? It tells us that they have a lot of confidence of what they own the rights to. But I think this is the perfect move. There were talks about a Justice League movie coming in 2015 (When the Superman Vs. Batman comes out) but I was thinking "Why don't they just start of with a Batman/Superman movie? Have a movie with your 2 most popular franchises and see how the audience reacts to that?" And sure enough they did. The Batman movies and Man of Steel are two of the most successful movies of all time. So just imagine how big this movie will be with both of them in it! If Warner Brothers does this right, it will be the highest grossing movie of all time. And if this movie sucks (which it won't) Warner Brothers is doomed. Warner Brothers should take a break from their properties for 10 years if this fails. It would be a mega embarrassment to them if this movie with so much potential fails. 
     Now what does it take for this movie not to fail? Well, this might sound like a bad idea at first but have no villain. Have Batman be the "villain". Batman can feel like he needs to get rid of Superman because he is a threat. Just think about having Batman be the "villain". The next think is a must. Kryptonite. How else can Batman oppose as a threat? Superman can just flick Batman and he will die. So there needs to be kryptonite if we want to see a 2 hour movie instead of a 30 minute movie. But that biggest question to follow this news is WHO WILL PLAY BATMAN? Comment down below on who you would want!

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Avengers 2 Gets a Title

     The 2013 San Diego Comic-Con is happening this weekend. There has been major news in the world of movies. It would be impossible to talk about everything that has happened. So today I will be talking about the news that is circling Avengers 2.
     In the Thor:The Dark World/Captain America:The Winter Soldier panel Joss Wheadon (The director of the first Avengers) came out towards the end of the panel and he announced that the subtitle to The Avengers 2 will be Avengers 2:Age of Ultron.
     Ultron is robot created by Dr.Henry Pym (A.K.A. Ant Man.) Pym was starting to experiment with artificial intelligence by programming the robot with putting his own brain patterns in the heart and soul of the robot. The robot not only inherited Pym's intellect but his mental instability. But the problem was he didn't inherit human conscience. But surprise surprise, when Pym activated the robot he got installed with a hatred for Henry Pym himself and the human race in which he represented. Ultron (the robot) mesmerized Henry in to forgetting and leaving his New Jersey lab (where Ultron was created)and never to return. Then Ultron kept coming back and rebuilding him self to make advancements to his body. Ultron sounds pretty close to Iron Man in my opinion but a man needs to be in a suit in order for Iron Man to work. Ultron's powers are what you would expect. He has developed self-awareness, intelligence, and an extreme hatred for his "father" Henry Pym. His other powers vary with each redesign. Each redesigns typically include superhuman strength and durability, the power of flight, and various weapons offensive weapons like his latter-ray which allows him to mesmerize and mind control his victims. It sounds very similar to Iron Man.
     Enough with the history lesson, lets talk about how this will affect the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Most people were thinking of Thanos being the Avengers 2 villain. But clearly this says different. Ultron is obviously going to play the major villain role in Avengers 2. Thanos might still be in it but he probably wont have a big part. But this move of putting Ultron in Avengers 2 will have to force somethings. You will absolutely have to put Ant-Man into this film. You can't have Ultron with out Henry Pym/Ant-Man! Ant-Man is the film directly after Avengers:Age of Ultron. So if they do put Ant-Man in the Avengers 2 that is genius. Most of the current movie going audience thinks the name of an Ant-Man movie sounds stupid. But of course I'm excited because I love comics and Ant-Man is one awesome character. That being said putting a character like Ant-Man in the Avengers sequel will get the audience used to him. What part he will have in it, I have no idea. Maybe Ant-Man wont make an appearance just Henry Pym will be in it. Like a Bruce Banner role in the Avengers. The guy Nick Fury puts in charge for research. Or the first time we will see Henry Pym will be in the Ant-Man suit. But I would've much rather seen a Ultron in the Ant-Man stand alone film so we could see the relation ship between Ultron and Ant-Man develop more. This also means Thanos will most likely be the main villian in Avengers 3.
     There has been no news on who will play Ultron or Henry Pym/Ant-Man or how or if they would use Ant-Man in Avengers:Age of Ultron. Comment on if you think Ant-Man belongs in Avengers 2 and who you would like to play Ulton or Ant-Man.

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Pacific Rim Top 5 Friday

My #5 most anticipated summer film Pacific Rim came out last week. So I'm going to try something new. If you are a fan of this leave it in the comments. I'm going to do my review of Pacific Rim for Top 5 Friday. The top 5 things I loved about this film.
 It's Everything a Summer Block Buster should be.
Yes. Technically every thing that comes out in the summer is called a summer block buster. But this one advances every ones thoughts of a blockbuster. A movie filled of action. A fun movie that is fun for all ages. People who like action, comedy, a nice strong plot. Everything a summer blockbuster has.
Charlie Day
When I saw Charlie Day was cast I was thinking that he can't be in a serious movie. It won't work! So they put Charlie Day in a comedic role. I don't want to call him the comedic relief but the comedic break. There was really 1 main plot and a mini side plot in which Charlie day was in. Charlie Day played a doctor by the name of Dr.Newton Geiszler. That name should make you think he is the funny one. His part of the story is he is trying to figure out how the aliens are getting from the depths of the ocean to the earth and how people can stop it. He is witty and makes you laugh in what every scenario he is in.
Cinematography/Visual effects
I'm telling you right now. If Pacific Rim is not nominated for the best visual effects and/or cinematography, I will be absolutely furious. The main focus of this film are the big robots and the big aliens. They made it look great! They spent lots of time making sure every last detail of both of them looked perfect. I could see every last penny of their 190mil the spent making this film. The fight scenes were awesome. They zoomed up on the robots so you could tell who is throwing the punch and understand the robots. The robots looked human. They walk just like we walk. To make it look that real and cool is outstanding. 
Who was the Main character?
You might think of this as a bad thing. Its not. You really couldn't tell who was the main character. At some points you though Idris Elba was the character the film focused on. Other points you though Charlie Hunnam was the character they wanted to focus on, even Charlie Day in his parts seemed like the movie was just about him. That means that the character development was excellent. It made you feel for the characters. 
It's Pacific Rim
This movie was all around awesome. I even forgot to mention the music. Its my number 3 film of the year so far. (Behind Man of Steel and Star Trek:Into Darkness.) If your trying to find a good summer blockbuster to go to, go to this one. I rate it a  7/10.

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