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Friday, January 20, 2017

Split Review

           Psychological thrillers is one of my, if not my favorite sub genre when it comes to films. Whether it be Psycho, The Silence of the Lambs, The Shining, or even The Prestige,  this sub genre is one that always gets me excited. So when I heard about Split, I was really looking forward to seeing it. You have James McAvoy, an actor I really appreciated and one who was underrated. You have M.Night Shymalan directing it. Say what you want about him but, he has made two really good movies with The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable. That potential is in him. I wanted Shymalan to make a triumphant return with Split after he has made a series of bad films (The Visit, Signs, The Happening, The Village, The Last Airbender, After Earth). So is Split the triumphant return we have wanted from Shymalan? No. No it is not.
          This film tries way to hard. It punches you in the face with the message of "Look at me! I'm one of the best thrillers of the past 10 years!" It focuses too much on being a psychological thriller, that it forgot to have any real substance to it. The best way I can describe it is like this.....
          Think of your dream car. Imagine that you get a chance to own that car. You see the car in the distance and you walk up to it knowing that it's going to be yours. The exterior is everything you dreamed of. The moment is finally here. You get to the car and, the is no interior. There is no engine. There is nothing but the car and it's fabulous exterior. This car tried so hard to be the car of your dreams, that it forgot to complete its self. That's how I feel about Split. It tried so hard to be the best psychological thriller of the decade that it forgot to have any real substance to it.
          The last thing you should be in a thriller is bored. You will be bored watching this movie. There just isn't enough there to grab your attention, or even keep your attention. The only thing that will somewhat keep your interest is James McAvoy's performance. I can only imagine how hard it is for an actor to portray multiple characters in a movie and be constantly switching from one, to another all throughout the film. As I said in my intro, McAvoy is an actor who was underrated. I believe, and I hope that this movie gives McAvoy the attention he deserves.
          To sum it up, Split is a movie that lacks any real substance. It focuses too much on being a return to form for Shymalan that it ends up being a real lackluster. If I was in charge of putting a quote on this movie poster it would be "The try-hard movie of the year!"
I am going to give Split a 2.5/5.


Monday, January 16, 2017

The Bye Bye Man Review

          If you think his name, he will come and screw up your life. If you say his name, he will come up and screw up your life. If you see this movie, it will screw up your life. So save yourself and don't go see this movie.
          I have never liked the premise of this movie. It's so stupid. You have this "spirit" that if you think or say his name, he will haunt you and make you do unthinkable things. If you say his name to other people, those people now have the potential to be effected by The Bye Bye Man. However you can stop him by not thinking/saying his name. 
           If you really think about it, The Bye Bye Man is basically just a virus. The only way it can flourish is by the faults of other people. When you introduce the name of The Bye Bye Man to other people, they can't think of it or else their life will get screwed up, then they can spread it to others. I don't want the villain of my movie to be a stupid virus. I want the villain to be someone/something that is actually intimidating. Not a dumb virus. 
          If you are clueless enough to see this movie (really, don't see this movie) you will see some of the worst acting you will ever see in a theatrical motion picture. They are just so bad. You will never be able to take them seriously. The main actress Cressida Bonas could not deliver one good line even if her life depended on it. You are not supposed to laugh unintentionally while watching a horror movie, but Bonas will make you life with the beyond horrendous performance she gives us. The other two leads Douglass Smith and Lucien Laviscount aren't as bad as Bonas, but they are still pretty terrible. 
          To sum it up, this movie seems like it was trying to hard. The acting was terrible. The premise is stupid. There are so many moments that make you think "This must be one of the stupidest movies I have ever seen."
 If I was in charge for putting one quote on the movie poster, that quote would be "This movie is full of stupid." 
The Bye Bye Man rightfully deserves a 2/5 
      Probably the stupidest part of the movie came when the main character was browsing the computer in a library. He was researching The Bye Bye Man. He didn't go to to do it. He didn't go to to do it. He didn't even go to to do it. He went to This movie couldn't even afford to put a name brand search engine in their movie for literally 2 seconds!