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Monday, March 3, 2014

Robocop Review

     The latest 80s remake is the action, crime, sci-fi thriller is Robocop. A movie about an office named Alex Murphy who is critically injured. The company Omnicorp sees this as the perfect opportunity to make a half man, half robot cop. 
   This movie is awesome. It's such a fun film. I didn't want to re-watch the original for the purpose of comparing it to much. Most of the time remakes are not as good as the original and it doesn't have to be. People who are against remakes are stupid. No one has given me a logical explanation to why studios should not remake movies. I have have my very own copy of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid sitting on my shelf. Is it going to change or magically disappear if the decide to remake it? Of course not. Remakes are just fine. 
   Most of the complaints I've read about this movie and why people don't like it is they say It's not as good as the original. Those people are idiots. Are you trying to tell me the only reason you rated it rotten is you didn't like it as much as the original? That's completely ridiculous. Another reason for some people hating on it is the say this one is PG-13. When the original came out in 1987, how they rated movies was very different. Indiana Jones: The Temple of Doom received a PG rating and we all know how much blood and ripping out peoples hearts are in that one. PG-13 was introduced in 1984. Only 3 years before Robocop! They were still getting used to how to use the PG-13. I guarantee that if eh 1987 Robocop was released today, it would be PG-13. I just wanted to clear that up so you can leave you thoughts of Robocop being terrible and leave them at the door and watch the movie with an open mind. Now it's time for me to actually review this movie. 
   Robocop is a fun time at the movies. I really don't know why people hate it for different reasons then I said above. It is everything a action movie should be. A movie about a hero being put into a bunch of challenges that include fight scenes, violence and frantic chases. It has every characteristic of a action movie and is really well executed. There was no shaky camera and the script was awesome. The screen play was so fluid it was easy to understand and enjoy unlike other action film. It had a clear story and the direction of the direction of the film was good. It wasn't amazing but, you could tell what they were trying to go for and you can tell they accomplished it. 
   The acting was mediocre. I expected more from this cast especially from Gary Oldman and Micheal Keaton. It wasn't bad enough to make me want to walk out of the movie, and it wasn't good enough to be one of the things I remember from this movie. The pacing was off at times. They wanted to make sure that everything got into this movie that they wanted. They did it just went by a little to fast. 
   Overall Robocop (2014) is a really enjoyable and fun time at the movies. A movie you will not forget and a movie that is worth every penny. I give this movie a 8.5/10 to make it my 2nd favorite film of 2014. The Lego Movie is still on top.    

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