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Sunday, March 9, 2014


     The latest Liam Neeson action/suspense/thriller is the airplane hijack movie Non-Stop. Neeson plays a air marshall while on a plane he receives text messages about how someone will kill someone on the plane every 20 minutes if they don't transfer 150million dollars into a bank account.
  This movie had very little action which was a disappointment when I was watching the movie. Everything with Neeson in it you expect a whole lot of action in it. If't it's Taken 1 or Taken 2 (both fantastic) you know what to expect. I went into the movie expecting something and getting something entirely different in return. Liam Neeson should be a separate genre of movie.
  So if this didn't have action, what did it have? It had a very slow moving mystery. The thing is the script was really well done just the direction the director took it was not so great. It was a great story but, poorly executed and slow paced. It was great trying to figure out who is the one trying to hijack this plane. It was very fun playing along. I love mystery movies so the fact that this had very little to no action was made up by the fact it was a mystery.
   The performances is what you expect. Liam Neeson is basically the same in every movie. A person who kicks some serious butt. The other performances were mediocre. It felt like they were thinking "We don't have to act in this movie because it's an action movie and no one acts in action movies. They only care about the action." The fact that this had very little action made a chain reaction to put a spotlight on the mediocre acting.
   Overall, this was a mystery suspense more than a thriller. It was just a little bit disappointing because I wanted to see some big action scenes because the have Liam freaking Neeson. I'll give this movie a 7/10. Better then Monuments Men, just not as good as Robocop. Non-Stop fits in the place as my 3rd favorite film of the year.  

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