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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Actor Spotlight: Chris Pratt

     For my very first Actor Spot Light, I will be focusing on Hollywood's fastest rising star, Chris Pratt. From living in a van and working as a waiter at Bubba Gump Shrimp, to being in TVs best sitcom (Parks and Recreation), to being in some Oscar contender films, to some of Hollywood's blockbusters. This guy can literally do anything. This guy will be a house hold name in the upcoming years. 
  Chris Pratt is in a few minor things before his work in Parks and Recreation. Most notably in the TV show "Everwood". His first role that really got his career going was playing Andy in Parks and Recreation. He is the best part of the show. The best part is the writers brought him onto the show for a special guest for the first season only. Then guess what happened. He has been in every single episode sence the very first one. He was that good. The writers and produces decided to bring him on again. 
  Pratt has also been in some Oscar films. Only 3 right now but surley more to come. Zero Dark Thirty, Her, and Moneyball. It's always great when an actor starts out as a comedic one turns out to be a great dramatic one to. Those 3 films I just mentioned, where all nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars! World class casting directors see something special in this guy. When he gets bigger in the future, we will get bigger roles in these Oscar films and hopefully be Oscar nominated at one point. 
  Pratt most recently stared as the main voice in the Lego Movie with at least 2 more big blockbusters to come. He is set to star in Jurassic Park 4 titled Jurassic World. Pratt said "Jurassic Park was my Star Wars." Meaning it was his favorite movie growing up. Actors who love the source materiel growing up usually make the movie better then the previous ones. Andrew Garfeild read the Spiderman Comics all the time growing up. And I think he is a better Peter Parker then Toby McGuire. The other blockbuster he is set to star in comes out August 1st, Guardians of the Galaxy. When ever someone is in a MARVEL studios film, it launches their career. Chris Hemsworth is an Oscar caliber actor. It revived Robert Downey Jr.'s career. Believe it or not his career was one bad movie from being dead. Iron Man restored his career. If it can do it with these 2 characters, imagine what it could do to Chris Pratt.
   One more small detail is when Pratt is in a bad movie he is the best part. Delivery Man, he was the best part. Chris Pratt will be a mega star. From a person living in a van, to Hollywood's fastest rising star. This year is the Year of the Pratt and every year to come will be as well.    

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