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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Box Office Results From March 21-23 2014

          Sorry I'm late for this post. I said I would post it on Sunday but I decided to include Sunday's box office numbers into my post. Better late then never right? Lets get started.
          In the number 5 spot is 300: Rise of an Empire and it made 8.5 million. And why is this in the top 5? I think this got the number 5 spot because all of the other movies go to a totally different demographic. We have to family films with Muppets and Mr.Peabody and a movie centered towards teens. 300 is in the top 5 instead of Need for Speed because most people got tired of need for speed. It didn't get great reviews and most people put it as a Fast & Furious rip off. 
          In the number 4 spot is a total surprise with God's Not Dead. A movie I have never heard of. A movie that is religious based. It doesn't have any star power to it. It only opened in 780 theaters. I really don't have a reason to why I think this is in the top 5. A complete surprise.  It made 9.2 million the past weekend. 
          In the number 3 spot was Mr.Peabody and Sherman. I'm not surprised this is higher then I predicted. It's a animated family film. Animated family films are bound to stay in the top 5 of the box office at least for 3 weeks. It made 11.8 million the past weekend. 
          Muppets Most Wanted holds the number 2 spot. I'm not shocked that it did. It's a really well known property and everybody loves the Muppets. Disney is really good at marketing their movies so I knew this was going to be number 2. The shock is how much money it made. It only made 17 million. That's not a great opening weekend for this movie. I say movies should get a little over 1/3rd of their production budget on opening weekend for a better chance to break even. The movies budget was 50 million and it made 17. A little over 1/3rd of that would be 17, 18, 19 million. So It's on the track to make money just not as much as Disney hoped I bet. Especially when the Muppets movie in 2011 made 22 opening weekend. That is not the trajectory you want. 
          The number 1 spot is no shock. It is Divergent. A book to movie adaptation. For the most part those make money. The book sales did really great and this movie got really well represented on social media, tv, etc.... The movie made 54.6 million. So close to me 55 million dollar prediction! The movie's budget was 85 million.  It's on the track to make money.
          My predictions didn't go as well as I have hoped. I got 2 for 5. Hopefully next week I'll do better.  

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