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Friday, May 23, 2014

STAR TREK 3 Gets Director

       J. J. Abrams can't obviously direct Star Trek 3. He is to tied up with the biggest franchise ever (Star Wars). So who would direct the 3rd installment?
       Robert Orci is your guy. He was written the past 2 star trek films and now he is directing it.
       My first initial reactions were AWESOME! This guy has been around the franchise for a long time and knows it really well.
       Then my senses came to me. This decision is STUPID! This guy has not directed one single film in his life! And you stick him in to direct one of the biggest films in the next 5 years! The decision is stupid.  This film is going to have a great drop of quality from the first to. Orci's first project is a 200 million dollar film.  Paramount took a big risk with this decision.
         Comment down below. What do you think?

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