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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


      This movie stars Bryan Cranston (so we thought). The trailers make you believe that Cranston is the focal point in the film. He isn't. He is barley in it. He should've been in it more. He added the depth that this film needed. It also stars Godzilla (so we thought). Godzilla is only in it for about 15 minutes. They teased Godzilla a lot through the film and they barely gave us any. 
    Aaron Taylor-Johnson stars in this film. It focuses on his character and uses him as the person to make things go forward. It was exciting to see what Taylor-Johnson could bring to the table because he is playing Quicksilver in the upcoming Avengers sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron. I was disappointed with his performance. He was boring. He didn't get me engaged in the story. I didn't care what was going, I didn't care that his family was in danger because he didn't make me believe it. Elizabeth Olsen plays Taylor-Johnson's wife (how ironic because Olsen is playing Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are brother and sister). She did a better job then Taylor-Johnson. She added some depth that was missing from Cranston but not enough to get me engaged into the story. I could say the same about every character in the movie. They were week. They did not give good performances. This movie focused on the humans which hurt them because they were by far the weakest part of the movie.
    They made the story much more confusing then it should have been. They were saying scientific terms that I could care less about/I didn't understand. They tried to explain the science behind Godzilla and the monsters he was fighting and I could care less. They talked about so much science that I just zoned out because I didn't care.
    When they gave us Godzilla they delivered. Holy crap Godzilla was freaking awesome! That's all I can really say. I don't want to ruin the magic for you. I'll just tell you the fight at the very and has my favorite cinematic shot of the year.
    Overall Godzilla was a good film. I liked it better then Pacific Rim. I give the last 25 minutes a 9/10 and the rest of the film a 5.5/10. That means my final rating for this film is a  7.5/10.

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