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Friday, June 21, 2013

Top 5 Friday: 5 Comic Book Movies

Today is the inaugural post of Top 5 Friday. And what better way to start it off then counting down the best comic book movies.
If you are starting off a franchise you need to start it off the right way. With Thor being the second to last Marvel film until the Avengers they knew they had to step up their game from Iron Man 2. They definitely did. This film was great for comic book lovers and people who never have heard of Thor before. Not mentioning it was the film with my favorite villain of all time. This film had everything. Drama, romance, and comedy, to make this film perfect for everybody.
4.The Dark Knight
This was the best out of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. Everything about this film was spectacular. I praise this film. Nolan's ability to tell stories is phenomenal.This is no exception. This is the best Batman film there ever has been and ever will be. Heath Ledger's Joker has been my favorite performance from any actor in the past 10 years. He stole the show. It's tragic that he died. But he even got an Oscar nomination for Best Actor In A Supporting Role and won. In my opinion he should've got nominated for the best Actor in a Leading Role. He stole the show. 
3.The Amazing Spiderman
I saw this film at midnight. Then I saw it 8 more times in theaters for a total of 9 times. There is nothing I did not like about this film. It stuck a lot better to the comic book then the first Spiderman did, which is not a must for me but I appreciate it when they do. Andrew Garfield was spectacular. And Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey was my favorite part about the movie. 
2.The Man of Steel
Finally. Finally a good Superman movie! The story that introduced a film well worth seeing. This has every component to a good comic book movie. It stayed true to the real spirit of Superman. and that's all that matters. For more go look at my Man of Steel review.
1.The Avengers
What other film belongs in this slot. Nothing. The only film that fits this spot is The Avengers. I love this movie. Seeing it 10 times in the theaters shows that I really appreciate this film. Joss Wheadon is a true fan boy in every way. He did this film in the way people wanted it to be. The 92% critic rating and the 96% audience rating shows for it. It had humor, it had Loki, and it stayed true to the real feel of the Avengers.
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