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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Top 5 Fathers or Father Figures

With today being father's day, I find it most appropriate to count down the best fathes in film.
5.Darth Vader
Yes. You might be saying that Darth Vader is not the best father in the galaxy but he is still a father. When I say best father for Darth Vader I mean he is the best villain father. Darth Vader is not a very nice dad he is still a pretty cool guy. His choice in the dark side did make his relationship with Luke a little bumpy. But he did set a what not to do role model for Luke, who learned from his mistakes and chose another path. 
No this is not the all famous wizard. But the clown fish.  The clown fish that swam across the whole ocean to find his son. Marlin was not proud of his son. So when Nemo got captured it took a lot of determination from Marlin to swim across the globe to find his son. 
This is a wannabe villain. So when he decides to adopt 3 girls just for his plan, that is not very father like. But he develops a love for the girls. He does everything he can to make sure they are always alright. He is also father to over hundred minions.
2.Uncle Ben
Yes this is not a father. He is an Uncle who is basically a father. He has taken care of Peter from a very young age. He said the most famous quote in comic book history "With great power comes great responsibility." That made Peter use his powers for the good of others. Not for him self. He taught Peter a very valuable lesson. 
1.Jonathan Kent
Yes. My number one spot belongs to Superman's earthly father. Jonathan found Kal-El(Superman) in a big space ship. All of his years he taught Clark how to deal with his unique abilities. He made Clark fell comfortable on this earth.
Honorable mentions
  • Henry Jones from Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade
  • Mr.Incredible/Bob Parr 
If you feel like I missed any father leave it in the comments
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