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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Spiderman, Loki, and The Man of Steel

Over the past couple of days, some big movie news in the world of comic book movies were released lets take a look.
2 things about Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man came out over the past 3 days. The first one I will talk about is Spider-Man 3&4. Yes we are still a little under a year away from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 but the studio has given the green light for a 3rd and 4th installment for this series of movies. Spider-Man 3 is set to release June 10th, 2016 and part 4 on May 4th 2018. But the weird thing to think about is Andrew Garfield will be near 35 years of age. Please say he will be in college by the time Part 4 comes out. Please. But the next thing affects the second one. Mary Jane has been cut from Amazing Spider-Man 2. Yes there have been set pictures released but Marc Webb said he had "A creative decisions to streamline the story and focus on Peter and Gwen and their relationships. We only shot a few scenes with Mary Jane." This tells me that Marc Webb was not impressed with Shailene Woodley. With them only shooting a couple of scenes with Mary Jane it was going to be a test run with the character. But I'm just speculating, Marc Webb was not impressed with Shailene as Mary Jane. But with Marc saying he has a creative decision, I'm all for there not being a Mary Jane in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Are they going to recast Mary Jane for the 3rd installment? I have no idea. Who would you like to see as Mary Jane? Leave it in the comments.  I want more Gwen and Emma Stone. 
Loki was my favorite character in the Avengers and Thor. Villains either make or brake a film. And Loki made both films he was in. So that made me very excited when I figured out he was going to have a big part in Thor 2. But Joss Wheadon announced that there was going to be no Loki in Avengers 2! What the heck! Why? Loki is a fan favorite. I predict he dies in Thor 2. Why else would Joss leave out a fan favorite?
Man of Steel
It's faster then a speeding bullet, faster then a locomotive. Is it a plane, is it a bird. No It's the Man of Steel sequel! It has been green lit by the studio and set to released..... Not in 4,3,2 years. But 2014! Why is it coming so quickly? That means David Goyer will need a script pronto. Zack Snyder is signed on to direct it. But I would prefer quality over quantity. And to make a film full of good quantity it will need a good period of time to develop. And not to mention they are targeting a Justice League film in 2015. That is rushing it with no cast, writer, or director on board yet.

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