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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Man of Steeel Review

Man of Steel

     The story of Man of Steel came about when Christopher Nolan and David Goyer were experiencing writers block while writing the Dark Knight Rises. The decided to take a break. When David was supposed to be coming up with more ideas for The Dark Knight Rises, he came up with the idea of Man of Steel. When Christopher reported back with David and asked what he has done with TDKR, David simply replied "Nothing." Christopher asked what he had been working on and he said he'd been working on a Superman story. When Nolan read it he was shocked. He was really impressed. He called Warner Brothers right away and said they needed to make this film. When an excellent film maker like Christopher Nolan was impressed you know your in for a good time. 

     Like every movie kicking off a new franchise it needs a second to explain the origin of the story. Superman's is a story we have heard dozens of times. It's about a father sending his son down to an unknown planet because their home planet is about to blow. Then he lands in Smallville, Kansas where Jonathan and Laura Kent find him as a baby and take him in as their own. But everyone knows the original story of Superman. Right? So Man of Steel explored the part of the original story that we have not really focused about. And that part is the actual destruction of Krypton. Jor-El (The biological father of Superman)is trying to convince the Kryptonian council to stop what they are doing or else the planet will blow. It focuses more on the actual destruction and explains it  a lot more so we don't have to go through the same origin story we have heard before a thousand times. It makes the film get off to a nice start instead of us getting bored of listening to the same old, same old, original story.

     The first time you see Superman as Clark Kent is not when you expect. Its not when he is a teenager. But when he is a adult. Getting you used to the new Superman universe. You obviously see the older Clark more in the film. So from the first it is getting you ready by establishing the mood for the rest of the film with the new Clark Kent darker side. But you do see teenage Clark Kent. Man of Steel is a non-linear story line. Meaning in which there is flashbacks throughout the film. These flash backs are placed right where they need to be. In the flash backs they show Clark getting used to who he is. He obviously is not a normal person. They show Pa Kent teaching Clark about how to cope with his superhuman abilities. Then they go back to the present day. If you cast Kevin Costner you have to put him in a decent role. Pa Kent is more of a decent role for Costner. Flashbacks beautifully done. 

     The most terrifying villains are the ones who are convinced they are doing the right thing. In the first of the movie, Zod is on the side of Jor-El when they are trying to convince the Council to stop mining the center of Krypton. But the council listen to Jor-El and imprison Zod. Not only is that why Zod is furious, but Jor-El stole an artifact precious to Krypton which allows any one to have unstoppable powers. And guess what Jor-El did with it? He put it in Kal-El (Superman/Clark Kent) to make him bring peace to Earth. In the past installment of Superman, Zod is also the villain(Superman II). In that movie, Zod only has one layer. And that layer was Revenge towards Kal-El. But in Man of Steel he has several. One I can explain with out spoiling is he wants the plans that he wanted to happen on Krypton continue. So he plans to turn Earth into krypton. Villains either make or brake the movie. Michael Shannon's Zod made the movie.

     The general feel of the movie is what a Superman movie should be. A man, sent to earth to save all. That feeling that there is that someone still exists. But Superman is what Superman is, should, and always will be from now on. You will have to go and see it if you don't want me to spoil this amazing film for you. Over all this is an outstanding film. The 2nd best comic book movie (Obviously Avengers is 1st.) A fun enjoyable film for everyone.

     Usually I'm not to fond of giving stuff perfect ratings because there is always something wrong with a film. Nothing wrong with this one. My final verdict for this film is 5/5. 10/10. A++ 

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