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Friday, March 3, 2017

Logan Review

          This review is going to be SPOILER FREE. So don't you worry.
          There is a term I use very rarely when it comes to describing movies. That term is "cinematic masterpiece." When it comes to comic book movies, even the all time greats I don't use that term. I reserve that term for a movie that is an example of art in it's purest form. For example Forrest Gump, The Empire Strikes Back, The Truman Show, and the only comic book movie that is in my top films of all time list Man of Steel are the movies I have reserved that term for. When I say art in it's purest form, I mean those movies beautifully depict the human mind and perfectly show off it's full imaginary, and creative potential. As you can probably tell, I hold the term "cinematic masterpiece" very highly.
          Now, when I give a film a perfect 5/5 score, that doesn't automatically mean it becomes a cinematic masterpiece. In order to become a cinematic masterpiece the movie must also affect me at an emotional level. Only the best movies, are the movies that effect you in the long run. Think about that. The movies that you most often talk about, are the movies that have made in impact with you emotionally. Without a doubt, Logan is a cinematic masterpiece.
          Not only is it a cinematic masterpiece, it is pure brilliance. Perhaps the best part about Logan is it doesn't feel like a comic book/superhero movie. You don't have to be a fan of previous X-Men movies to appreciate this movie. I think you don't even need to see any other comic book movies to appreciate this one. Like I said before, it doesn't feel like other comic book movies. When you think of The Dark Knight, Captain America: Winter Soldier, or even Guardians of the Galaxy, the feelings that those movies give you, don't even come close the feelings and emotions Logan gives you. You won't be used to the amount of emotion Logan has because it's very likely you haven't seen it in a movie before. It might be weird to hear that a comic book movie has that much emotion. But it's true.
          You can't have emotion without great performances. And we do have great performances. This is Hugh Jackman's last performance as Wolverine (in a stand alone Wolverine movie at least), and Patrick Stewart's last performance as Charles Xavier. I was preparing myself mentally before I saw this movie for those reasons. I just don't think I mentally prepared my self well enough. I was blown away by both of their performances. They put so much thought into their characters. It was so heartbreaking to see Wolverine and Professor X as worn down as they were because I'm so used to seeing them in their prime or when they are healthy. They establish such a great father/son type relationship. If this movie came out later in the year, I really think that there would be serious talk about giving Patrick Stewart an Oscar nomination.
        They want to make sure you feel the emotions that all the characters are feeling. They do that by establishing a great relationship with Professor X, but also with the other most important relationship. The one with the little girl Laura played by Dafne Keen. What a powerful performance she gives. She does a great job acting with Jackman without even saying a word. The character of Laura or X-23, is such a rich and deep character. This movie just does such a great job at establishing characters and their relationships. They do that so well that (like I said before) it doesn't even feel like a comic book movie. It feels like a small, independent film that you could have a serious discussion about what Oscars this should be nominated for. Speaking of potential Oscars, this screenplay/story was really appropriate for the feel this movie wanted to give you.
          As you can probably tell, I have high praise for Logan. If you have any interest in this movie, go see it. If you don't have any interest go see it. In fact in my showing of it, there was an elderly couple. I talked to them and they said they were 84 years old and they loved it. But beware, this is not a movie for kids. This movie has an R rating and deserves it. There is not a lot of action in this movie but when there is its brutal, violent, bloody, etc... you do see a couple of heads get cut off. But this is the Wolverine I have always wanted to see.  An incredibly violent Wolverine in the fullness and glory is was always meat to be seen in.
          Logan has easily made it's way to the top of my comic book movie list. If you haven't seen other X-Men movies, you can still enjoy this movie. If you are typically not the biggest fan of comic book movies, go see this movie. It's a spectacular tale of family and emotion.

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