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Friday, March 10, 2017

Kong: Skull Island Review

          The Vietnam War is coming to an end. When a group of soldiers were ready to go home to their families/friends, they got recruited to go explore an uncharted island somewhere in the ocean. You have this team of soldiers, then you have a team of scientist who go to this island to explore it, and do science things.
          You can probably guess what happens next on this island. What happens on this island is a bunch of bad character development and a bunch of bad dialogue. These characters are shallower than the kid pool at your local community center. You have great actors in Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson but it seems like their only job was to stand there and look attractive. Even though they do a good job at that, they don't do a good job at making good characters. Now, that isn't entirely their fault. You can blame that problem on the terrible script this movie has.
          The script really didn't do a good job at doing anything it was supposed to. Like I alluded to above, there is no real sense of character in this movie. They introduce a lot of characters and then they try to make most of these characters really important but they just can't. Everyone is just portraying very vague versions of whom they are supposed to be. Out of all the scientists, I can't describe one to you in detail. They all mush together into a big blob of forgetfulness. You can say the same about the soldiers who are also in this movie. The worst part about this is how these characters die. I hate it when characters die off, and you feel nothing. I want to feel emotion every time someone dies. I don't just want to sit there and think "meh". I want to care for characters and I just couldn't in this movie.
          Going back to the issues of the script, it has horrendous dialogue. Conversations between the characters didn't feel fluid. It felt very choppy and unnatural. I was taken out of the movie several times for that reason. I just couldn't get behind anything that was happening in this movie because it was very choppy.
          Originally this movie was supposed to be called, Skull Island. So the same title just without the "Kong." And frankly, I would've preferred it to be that way. They do a decent job at showing this island to us. I was slowly gaining curiosity about what else was on this island. With the title just being Skull Island, I would've expected them to dive more into the mythology of this island. However, with the title of Kong: Skull Island I expected a lot more Kong then they actually showed us. In a Kong movie I want Kong. I don't wan't forgettable characters. The Kong segments were the best parts about this movie like we all could've assumed going into it. I just wish there were more of those segments so I was less distracted by the bad characters and dialogue. One thing that the Kong scenes could've been improved from was better CGI. The visual effects were very noticeable at points. I believe they could've been improved.
         Besides the Kong scenes, the best part about this movie was Brie Larson. Not because she was good in it, but because I just love Brie Larson. If you haven't seen her in her Academy Award winning role in Room, go watch it so you can fully appreciate what Brie Larson is capable of.
         I was really looking forward to this movie because it's the latest addition to Warner Bros. "MonsterVerse" which also includes 2014's Godzilla movie. I actually really liked Peter Jackson's interpretation of King Kong so I was looking forward to another directors interpretation. This movie is also leading up to Godzilla V. King Kong coming out in 2020. And as you can probably tell, I was disappointed with this movie.
          Kong: Skull Island  is a very forgetful movie. It's very likely you won't remember anything that happened in this movie once you have left the theater. The characters won't attract you to this movie, the dialogue won't attract you to this movie and not much will actually be able to grab your attention. I was getting tired during a Kong action scene. That should not happen! I was about to fall asleep!

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