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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Movies that Deserve to be in Theme Parks

     There are many movies that have inspired theme parks or attractions at theme parks. Such as Harry Potter Land as an extension to Universal Studios, or Cars Land in California Adventure. With The Iron Man Experience coming to Disneyland Hong Kong to Ratatouille coming to Disneyland Paris, even Avatarland coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom. What other movies deserve to be represented in theme parks? I'm going to give you my top 5 movies that need to get represented!
Disney is great at making rides for their attractions. The most recent one being The Little Mermaid. There are not a lot of movies that can transform well like that. I strongly believe Up can. It would be cool to see how they design the sets, and design the cars you sit in. The story has very distinct plot points the ride makers could easily pull from to make the ride.
4.Pacific Rim
There are a whole bunch of 4D rides out there. There is even a Transformers one! If you have a movie with big robots you are a idiot if you don't make a motion capture ride. The park could use the technology from the Star Tours ride. It would be really cool to pilot a Jaeger first hand. You could even control it with a partner. 
I love Haunted Houses. Insidious is one of those few horror movies with a great story line. They could have a part where you actually walk in the house with bloody hand prints on the walls and rocking horses. Then you could go to the further and have weird looking creatures. It would scare the living daylight out of you.
2.The Fast and the Furious
This can be a mixture between Test Track at EPCOT, and The Italian Job ride. You can be stuck on a track going extremely fast. At some parts you could stop and take a look at some stunts. You need to open your eyes to see how great this can be.
This would not be one attraction, but a extension to a theme park. Make it have it's own land. Bigger then Cars Land or the Magic Kingdom. It would be a big indoor building which could represent the grid from the movie. They could have a light bike simulator and everything else that fits into the world of Tron. 

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