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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Lego Movie Review

          When they first announced this movie I thought it was just the worst (see the movie to get that reference). The first trailer came out and I laughed my head off. I couldn't wait for it. You might think it looks stupid. Trust me, it is worth every penny you spend. 
    This movie will not bore you. Adults can take their kids to this movie and be more entertained then kids! The parents wont fall asleep. Yes the kids will still be entertained but, they wont get half the jokes. There are some moments/jokes that only some teenagers and most of adults will get and appreciate. I got a good abs workout from laughing so hard. Kids and adults will laugh (just maybe adults a little harder). Thats one of the great things about The Lego Movie. It's not a kid film. It's a kid friendly film. 
    One of the things I liked about this movie is also one of the negatives. The pacing. A joke that makes you laugh comes about every 3-5 minutes with some mild laughter in between. You get so much laughter but it frequently keeps coming and you never get a break. It comes by so fast. It's so frantic and chaotic. The next laugh comes and you forget the previous one. I remember laughing so hard but, I can't remember what I was laughing at.
    Usually I could care less about big named actors doing voice acting. I say go get some professional voice actors. This is the only movie that I can say is made by the voice performance. I can't imagine anyone other than Chris Pratt voicing Emmet. He is the perfect fit for it. I could see others voicing Woody, Sully, and Buzz. I couldn't see anyone voicing Emmet. This is my favorite performance of voice acting. Not only Emmet but everyone else. You could count this as one of the best ensemble casts of recent memory. This is probably the only animated film I would say that for. 
    This movie has heart. There is a part at the end which I didn't expect and proves that point. Some people say it's on the level of Toy Story speaking of the amount of heart it has. It is no where near that but, that is saying a a lot. I still like Toy Story 2 more and The Lego Movie is a very close behind it. There is a message that is so simple kids should be able to understand. 
    The Lego Movie impressed me so much. There is no shock that there is a sequel already in the works. It made it in to my top 5 animations of all time. This movie shall receive a 9/10.


  1. NOOO I definitely think this was boy's movie but the jokes were not the best and the settings were strange and wierd

  2. NOOO I definitely think this was boy's movie but the jokes were not the best and the settings were strange and wierd