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Monday, May 23, 2016

Get Your First Look at Emma Watson as Belle in the New "Beauty and the Beast" Teaser Trailer

          Disney has been on a role lately with their live action adaptations of their classic animated films. You had last years Cinderella which absolutely blew me away with how beautiful it was and then you had this years The Jungle Book which totally changed the game for the visual effects industry. They should be expecting the same success coming next spring with their next adaptation, Beauty and the Beast.
          This trailer is beautiful. It is only a teaser trailer so it doesn't show you any "actual footage" but, it does show you some incredible shots from inside the Beast's castle. It starts off by showing you the Grand Ballroom which we can probably assume will be the location for the classic "Tale as Old as Time" scene. This room, along with the other rooms of the castle that this trailer shows you,  look visually stunning and I know they will look even better when the movie comes out. After this trailer takes you on a "tour" of the other rooms in the castle it shows you the portrait of the prince with the Beast's claws shredding it, which is obviously alluding to the moment that was in the classic 1991 film. The icing on the cake for the first half of the trailer was the song they played in the background. The song was "If I Can't Love Her" from Disney's Broadway version of Beauty and the Beast. This is my favorite song from that show and it isn't in the 1991 film, so I screamed a little when I heard the piano play it in the background.
          The so called "second half" of the trailer starts off with Ewan McGregor voicing Lumiere and Ian McKellen voicing Cogsworth. They talk about how there is a girl entering the Beast's castle and how she could be the one who lifts the curse. From the three lines of dialogue these characters say to each other, you can already tell that they will have great chemistry.  I can't wait to hear them sing in the actual movie.
          Then we get to the final shot of the movie. You see an up close shot of the iconic rose that counts down the days till the curse will forever stay upon the castle. When you see this rose, you simultaneously hear the very subtle but, very prominent piano play one of the most iconic songs, "Tale as Old as Time" also known as "Beauty and the Beast" play in the background. Being the huge Disney fan that I am, I couldn't help but smile and tear up a little when I heard it. Then you get the shot of the beautiful Emma Watson as Belle looking at this rose.
          This was a perfect teaser trailer for this movie. It gave you a sense of how they modernized it but it also gave you the same feeling from the classic animated movie.
          I can't wait for this movie to come out. Besides Star Wars: EP VIII, this is by far my most anticipated movie of 2017. I just can't wait to see what they do with it. I can't wait to see the character designs of all these characters. What will Mrs.Potts look like? What will the Beast him self look like? And I just can't wait to see Emma Watson as Belle in her beautiful, iconic yellow dress. When we first see that image, I will be filled with tears of joy. That moment in the animated movie is in my top 5 all time film scenes. I also sure hope they keep this a musical (which they have to, right?) I'm getting really anxious right now because I want to see the singing and dancing dishes during the Be Our Guest number.
          I also can't wait to see this amazing cast. This is one of the most impressive/most talented casts I have ever scene. Like I said you get the beautifully talented Emma Watson as Bell, Ewan McGregor (who is one of the most underrated actors) as Lumiere, and one of the most talented men who have ever walked this planet, Ian McKellen as Cogsworth. Along with those actors you have Dan Stevens who will play The Beast, you have six time TONY award winning actress Audra McDonald as the very operatic Wardrobe, you have Luke Evans as Gaston, Josh Gad as Le Fou, Stanly Tucci as a the grand piano/maestro, and last but certainly not least Emma Thompson as Mrs.Potts. Read that list of actors and tell me you aren't excited for this movie. See, you can't do it.
          I didn't think I could be looking forward to this movie anymore then I already was. But this trailer made it so I'm excited beyond belief. March 17th, 2017 could not come any quicker. I want this movie now! This trailer made my inner Disney geek shine a little brighter.
          To watch this magical trailer, click here.
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