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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) Review

          With Captain America: Civil War coming out this week, let's revisit the movie that kicked off the character!
          Steve Rogers is just a young man from Brooklyn with hopes of joining the military. Rejection after rejection, Rogers finally finds his way into joining the US Army.  Rogers finds his way into becoming the "super soldier" Captain America and along with it, has to defeat the terrorist group known as Hydra.
          The negatives in this movie are very few. However, they are prominent enough that they end up making a big difference on how you enjoy the movie. Right from the start they show the character of Steve Rogers before he took the "super soldier" serum. In order to create this effect that Steve Rogers was a small, skinny guy, they had to CGI Chris Evans's face onto another person. There isn't much they could do about this but, it just looked bad. You could obviously tell that they had to computer generate his face onto another guy. But like I said, I don't know what they could have done to fix it.
          One thing that has always been Marvel's weakness (apart from Loki) is their villains. I wish this movie was an exception but, unfortunately it wasn't. You never get a clear understanding on what Red Skull's motivations are. You get a sense that he is evil, you just don't get a good sense of why he is evil. You have a basic understanding at the beginning but as the movie goes on, you can't gather information (because there is none) as to why he wants to accomplish his goals. Also at the end of the movie he gathers a pretty big army. You don't know how he got it, and you don't know why he got it. And frankly you don't really know why he needs it because he goes a long and tries to do everything by him self anyways.
          This movie does have quite a few things going for it. The one-liners in this movie are hilarious. The only way one-liners can work is when the cast has great chemistry with each other. And the cast has exceptional chemistry with each other. Going along with that, the movie was really well casted. From Tommy Lee Jones playing a colonel in the US Army, to Sebastian Stan playing Rogers's best friend Bucky Barnes, you enjoy watching what these actors bring to the screen.
          The thing the bugs me the most about comic book movies is the love interest. The majority of the time I am always so annoyed with the romantic interest. They always take focus away from the movie and turn a comic book movie into a wannabe romance movie. However, the love interest in this movie is my favorite in a comic book movie.  It is my favorite because the character of Peggy Carter just dominates in every single way. She is heavily involved in the action in the movie, she is heavily involved in the plot of the movie, and she is heavily involved in the development of Steve Rogers's character. When you have those 3 things in the love interest, it turns the love interest into a great character that you don't even think of as a love interest.
          The thing that I love most about this movie is that it takes place during World War II. World War II is one of my favorite time periods in history and I love when ever I see a movie that takes place during it. Apart from this being a comic book movie, it's a great period piece. It captures the struggle of the allies during the war, along with the sense of victory for the allies when the war ended. This is one of the best WWII movies out there.
          I can't finish this review without mentioning the spot on performance of Chris Evans as Captain America. He just embodies the character so well. Evans as Captain America is my favorite portrayal of a comic book character.
          When you first hear the Captain America March composed by Alan Silvestri, you get right on board with this movie. It will be hard trying to restrain your self from cheering when you see Captain America fighting along with the US Army. I'm going to rate Captain America: The First Avenger 4/5.

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