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Monday, May 9, 2016

Captain America: Civil War Review (Spoiler Free)

          While the Avengers were on a covert mission in Lagos, Scarlet Witch accidentally did something to cause an unexpected amount of damage. That caused the UN to write up something called "The Sokovia Accords." These accords say that the United Nations choose when it's necessary to call in The Avengers. Iron Man  believes that the Avengers need to be put in check and is pro-Sokovia Accords. Captain America believes that if he sees a problem going south the team has to go fix it even if someone doesn't tell them to and is anti-Sokovia accords. These two different political ideologies causes a rift that tears the team apart. 
         This movie is ultimately about friendship and vengeance and how when those two things come together, you can experience some of the biggest problems you will ever face. It dove in deep into those themes while at the same time continuing the MARVEL humor that we are all used to at this point. When I first heard about Captain America: Civil War I was worried that the movie was going to be more Captain America: Civil Dispute than an actual war between these characters. It was definitely a "War" between the two sides. I was impressed with the way that it introduced the problems in the movie. I was surprised with how serious they took these problems. They grounded this movie to make it a movie where you felt that every decision that was made will have a dramatic effect on someone or something. The movie depicts the political and social issues/conflicts with such maturity that you will understand everything that is going on. You will never get confused on why characters are doing certain things. You understand why every single character is fighting for the things they are. There isn't one moment where you question a character's motives. 
          This movie is also a ton of fun. The action in this movie is literally some of the best that Hollywood has ever produced. The only thing wrong with the action in this movie happened in the very first action scene. It used the shaky camera effect to try and exemplify the action but that never works. Fortunately that only lasted for the first part of the first fight. But other than that you will hear no one complaing about the action in this movie. The stunt team for this movie did a phenomenal job at choreographing the fight scenes. Most of the fighting you see in this movie is hand-to-hand combat. It's very impressive and difficult to show that on camera with so much more going on. The stunt men deserve some major praise for the jaw dropping stunts they incorporated into this movie. They did such a great job at incorporating CGI explosions, chase scenes, and other awesome moments into the action scenes. The airport scene is some of the best action I have ever seen in any movie ever. Not just in comic book movies, but movies in general. During this scene you will be on the edge of your seat, geeking out the whole time. 
          A difficult task for this movie was to introduce two new characters. One of those characters was Black Panther played by Chadwick Boseman. Right when you see this character, they give you a reason to get behind him. I didn't know anything about Black Panther. After I saw this film, I felt like I knew everything. They mentioned his origin story in a matter of seconds. They made you understand the character in such a short amount of time. When you first see Black Panther fight, you get right on board with him. You will not be able to wait for his standalone movie coming 2018. However, with how great Black Panther was, he was not the best new character. The best new character is Spider-Man. He only has about fifteen minutes of screen time and this is the best Spider-Man movie ever. His chemistry with Tony Stark is impeccable. This is the best Spider-Man we have ever had. Tom Holland portrays this character so closely to what Spider-Man should be. I can't say anymore without spoiling it but, trust me when I saw you will be very pleased with Holland's portrayal as Spidey. Spider-Man is my favorite superhero and Holland definitely did the character justice. He's my favorite Spider-Man ever. I can't wait to see his standalone movie coming next year. 
          MARVEL has always had problems with their villains (aside from Loki.) You never really understand why they are doing the things they are doing. But like I said before, you understand why every character is doing the things they are doing, and that included the villain Zemo played by Daniel Bruhl. You understand his mentality and why he feels the way he does. He is not your stereotypical "mustache twirling" villain. He has depth and character. They made sure they didn't make him a throw-away villain. He doesn't really have that much screen time but, he didn't really need to. The main source of conflict comes from Cap and Iron Man so the conflict that Zemo adds is just a bonus.  
          The writing in this movie did such a brilliant job at not making it obvious which side you should join. During the whole movie you switch between cheering for Iron Man and Cap. The whole thing that was "Team Iron Man" or "Team Cap" was just a promotional gimmick. You don't know which side you should cheer for. It makes it very interesting. And that is what good writing is. 
          Of course without spoiling anything I'm just going to say, Ant-Man. Ant-Man, Ant-Man, Ant-Man. You will know what I mean once you see this movie. 
          Another thing that should be appreciated is how good Robert Downey Jr. was. Every single movie Tony Stark is in he has developed. The Tony Stark you see in Civil War is a completely different Tony Stark than the one in the first Iron Man. It's nice to see the continuing development of Tony Stark. Also the emotional scenes were tremendously acted by Robert Downey Jr. He was the best performer in this movie. 
          Civil War does have some problems with it. One of the "big reveals" that was revealed by Bucky was a little underwhelming. There were a few scenes that could've been done better. There was one scene that Steve Rogers listened to someone give a speech and that speech motivated Steve Rogers to finalize his position. The goal that the scene was trying to achieve could've been done in a better way. 
          The big question is where does this rank amongst the other MARVEL movies. I would rank it at number five. I would put it behind The Winter Soldier, Iron Man, Ant-Man, and Guardians of the Galaxy. I am going to give Captain America: Civil War a 4/5

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