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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Toy Story 2 (1999) Review: Part 4 of "1 Week With Tom"

        Toy Story 2 was about to be a direct to dvd release. It was about to not even go into theaters. The people at Pixar were like "This is to good to go straight to DVD." They were right. Toy Story 2 is currently at one hundred percent on Rotten Tomatoes and what I think is the best animated film of all time and the best Toy Story film. 
    The first Toy Story ended so perfectly it didn't really need a sequel. It wasn't necessary. I'm so glad they did. This movie is one of the few I call a masterpiece. The sequel was funnier then the first one. There so many great one liners especially from Slinky. The sense of humor is so great I found moments where I was laughing so hard I had to rewind the movie so I could watch what I missed. 
    This one made me cry just like the first one. If you have seen this movie you know what scene I'm talking about. The story I liked better then the first. The whole concept of Woody being a part of a very valuable toy collection is not a twist but, a very unique spin to the story that made it that more enjoyable. It even added a little suspense to it.
     All the characters were voiced by the same people but, there was some new additions to the Toy Story cast. Joan Cusack voiced the cowgirl doll Jessie. I wasn't a fan of that choice. Her voice took me out of the movie a little bit but, everything else was extremely well done it didn't take me out of it enough to make me not enjoy it. 
    This is one of the few films I call a true masterpiece. A movie I will give a perfect 10/10 to. 

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