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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Toy Story (1995) Review: Part 3 of "1 week with Tom"

          One of the most beloved films of all time is Toy Story. One of the films that has one-hundred percent on rotten tomatoes for good reason. What PIXAR does so well is they don't make kids movies, they make kid friendly movies. There is some humor in this movie that you won't get as a kid. I watched this movie on repeat in my childhood and I finally get some of the jokes that are in there. There are puns you don't get as a child.  Toy Story is a really funny movie. That's just part of it's charm.
     The whole concept of the story is really cool. Toys come alive when their owner is not there or not looking. This idea could have been really stupid if they didn't do it right. They did it right. The story was very creative. They added heart and a compelling story line to make it an engaging movie that doesn't make you bored. PIXAR is great at telling amazing stories. There also really good at making you cry. Yes, I did cry in this movie. They make the characters connect to you so you feel for them. 
     The characters are great. Toy Story mainly focuses on Woody and Buzz but, they really focus on developing Woody. Woody is a real jerk at the beginning then all throughout the movie you see him transform to a humble toy. Buzz stays the same character throughout the whole movie and that works for the concept of the story. Hanks and Allen do such a good job at voicing the characters that I can't imagine any one else doing so.
     Toy Story is a great and cute movie. The first half is better then the second but that doesn't take away anything from the movie. I give Toy Story a 9.5/10.

You definitely need to own this movie. This is one of the movies that everyone needs to own. So if you want this movie "Of course you want this movie" click on the link! 

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