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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Cast Away (2000) Review: Part 1 of "1 Week With Tom"

          This is the first review of my 7 part movie review series I will call "1 Week With Tom." From August 6th to August 12th I will be reviewing 7 movies of my favorite actor, Tom Hanks. Along with Cast Away I'll be reviewing Captain Phillips, Toy Story 1,2, and 3, Big, and my favorite movie of all time Forrest Gump. 
    Cast Away is a movie about a FedEx executive (Hanks) who gets in a plane crash and gets stranded on a deserted island and must test him self emotionally and physically in order to survive. 
    This movie is directed by one of my favorite directors Robert Zemeckis who directed the Back to the Future Trilogy and Forrest Gump. You know a director is good when you can watch a film and 100 percent know that a certain director directed it. From the first 5 minutes of the film you can tell it's Zemeckis's. He did the film in such a way that your always on the edge of your seat. The films style is that if you have seen this movie a bunch of times before you totally forget what happens. You totally forget if he gets off the island or not. Your still breathing heavily and on the edge of your seat even if you've seen it 3,4,5, even 6 times. The movie never gets old.
    It always amazes me how an actor can carry a movie without any dialogue. At the beginning before the plane crash there is a regular amount of dialogue. When he is on the island there is very little to no dialogue. It's amazing how Hanks is able to take you along his journey and keep you interested and engaged when he hardly even speaks! This movie proves why Hanks is one of the best of all time. 
    I really enjoyed the cinematography. Cinematography is one of the most important parts if you want to make a movie from good to great. It did exactly that for this movie.
    This is a movie with no negatives. This movie ranks 4th of all time. So I give it a perfect 10/10. 

Check back tomorrow for Part 2 of "1 Week With Tom" where I will be reviewing Captain Phillips!!

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