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Monday, January 13, 2014

The Ledgend of Hercules Review

          I'm telling you right now, if you choose to go see this movie go into it with low expectations.  Because if you do you will think this movie is at least ok. You won't think it's a good movie at all. You might but it's very unlikely.  This cliche filled piece of crap is not enjoyable enough to qualify as an action film and can not holds one attention to count as a drama.
          When I say it's a piece of crap I don't really mean that. It's below ok but above crap. Nothing in it is good quality, it was cheap looking. There is this one part where the princess is riding on a horse and when she looks back, the scenery looks like it's from a 60s Bond film. It looked like a painted back round. It works in the 60s but not today when we have better technology then we did 50 years ago.
          If you want a perfect example of melodramatic, go see The Ledgend of Hercules. The acting was terrible. It seems like all the actors could do is cry where it doesn't look genuine, or yell at the gods. They over dramatized their roles so much, it didn't even look like acting anymore. I would at least give a molecule sized piece of credit to Kellan Lutz who tried his best. He probably delivered at least 3 good lines. This is another example of how the actors in the Twilight franchise just can't act. It was painful watching these actors try to act.
          The fight scenes. Don't even get me started on the fight scenes. Every 5 seconds there was a slow motion punch, a slow motion fall, a dramatic slow motion roll over a table. Anything that makes a fight scene cool was in slow motion. It was cool for about the first 20 minutes of the film. I liked seeing how the punches were delivered, how people used their swords. It just got annoying really quickly. They used slow motion when not necessary.  You don't need to use slow motion to see people's reactions. It didn't bother me as much as other people, but it still really annoyed me.
          When you hear the word "legend" do you think of a wimp? No. You think of a strong man who has no fear. This movie did not make it look like Hercules was a legend. There was nothing special to change his character from an ordinary person,  to a legend. That part was poorly written along with the other character development. 
          Like any movie there are some redeeming qualities. This one just doesn't have that many. Let's give credit to the music. It added very little to the experience.
          The story was fantastic. I'm not joking. It was a very intriguing story. The plot was great (besides the massive plot holes that appear so often) and fun. This movie probably exists just to make other people look forward to the other Hercules film The Rock is doing titled "Hercules: The Thracian Wars."
          What a crappy way to start of the year. A movie that almost reached ok, but did not quite get there. I will give The Legend of Hercules a 4.7/10. 

My next review will be Jack Ryan:Shadow Recruit so look out for that.  


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