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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Favorite Films of 2013

     Well 2013 has been over for some time now. And that means it's time for my Top 20 films of the Year!
     I'm going to start off by listing some honorable mentions because I at least want to give some notice to them.
     Pacific Rim was a fun time at the movies. Blackfish was an excellent documentary that changed my view on Sea World. Despicable Me 2 was not as good as the first.  It appreciate for what it was. The minions made the movie.
     Now it's time, for the Top 20
 20.World War Z
The only reason this is not higher on my list is because the films above it are better. It's a good zombie movie for what it's worth.  It's not one of Pitt's strongest films but he was still good in it. There were some parts that made you jump, and some parts that really got your adrenaline going.
My first initial reactions were this is a terrible film. I watched it again recently and I really loved it. It's probably because the pacing didn't bother me as much because I knew what was coming, I knew what to expect. It's a really good Sci Fi that will keep you thinking.
                     18.Now You See Me
When a film is a mixture between Robin Hood, Ocean's 11, and a magician flick, you know your in for a good time. This is another movie that makes you think twice.  Not all of the acting was great but it was worth my while.
                     17.Warm Bodies
I never thought a movie that is a zombie comedy would work. That is probably one of the reasons I liked it. My expectations were low. I thought it was going to be lame. I though it was going to be my least favorite film of the year. Look where it is now. It's in my top 20 of 2013. It is my biggest surprise year.
  16.Saving Mr.Banks
I know I probably didn't like this as much as other people who had it in their top 10. I still thought it was a good movie. I wont go in depth about this one because I just did a review on it. Go check it out.
15.Monsters University
This was the right way to bring our favorite animated monsters back to the big screen. It was really nice to see how Mike and Sully got to where they are in Monsters Inc. We all knew what was going to happen to them, but we didn't know how. PIXAR did a good job at making a story that didn't feel forced and that was really enjoyable.
14.Lee Daniels' The Butler
This is a movie I will probably not see twice. That is not a bad thing. It was emotionally draining. I cried so many times during it. When a film is about a key essential part to the Civil Rights Movement, you know it will be emotional. It's a bummer this will get very little or even no Oscar recognition because of the films that have come out in the past 3 months.
13.Anchorman 2:The Legend Continues
This movie is so funny. I guarantee you will laugh about 60% of the time. I don't think it's as funny as the first, but that is not a bad thing. Sequels are rarely as good as the 1st. This movie was still great. It was hysterical seeing the news team get back together. It was a great way to continue the series. I really hope there is a 3rd. You could get a serious ab workout because you will be laughing so hard. You could watch this movie over and over again and the jokes will make you laugh just the same amount as it did your very first time watching it.
12.Iron Man 3
This is a similar situation to what I had with Oblivion. I was disappointed by it. Especially with it being a part of a the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I decided to watch it again. I found out it was a worthy addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Robert Downey Jr. keeps making us proud. There is nothing to hate about it. It has good comedy like every MARVEL movie should. The first Iron Man is just a tiny bit better. Still a fantastic film.
11.The Wolverine
Hugh Jackman is by far the best actor to portray a superhero. With playing Wolverine for almost 14 years and making 5 appearances(If you count the cameo in X-Men First Class) coming up on 6 with X-Men: Days of Future past, this is the best he has ever been. Hugh said that and I totally agree with that. The last 15 minutes of the film were terrible. It didn't take away from the rest of the film. That is what caused it not to be in my top 10. 
10.Thor:The Dark World 
This was a worthy addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. My first impressions were this is a darn good comic book film. I like it better than the 1st not by a long shot or by the skin of your teeth, but at a medium length. Once again, Loki steels the show. He outshines every one. The villain who was supposed to be the main villain "Malekith" was underused. I was disappointed by it because he was played by Christopher Eccleston. A good movie with a big twist at the end.
9.Star Trek:Into Darkness
When this was voted the worst Star Trek film at the most recent Star Trek convention, I was outraged. The hardcore Trekkies didn't like it because it didn't stay true to the original Star Trek lore. I'm an above average Star Trek fan and it didn't bother me at all. I think it's one of the best. Benedict Cumberbatch is always great. J.J. Abrams did an excellent job at making a movie that is fun and pleases the Star Trek fans that don't care if its not like what we imagined.
Matthew McConaughey is in talks for best Supporting Actor in this one. He better get nominated. Why is he in talks for Supporting Actor? Because there are teen actors in it. Most people might be worried when ever "teen actor" is in a discussion. Don't be afraid for this film. The teen actors were phenomenal. This was a great art house film.
I'm not a big fan of bio pics, I'm a sucker for sports movies. When I heard that 42 was coming out, I was worried. I didn't think they would execute it right, the trailers didn't intrigue me. The movie was fantastic. I really enjoy bio pics of people who actually change the world, and Jackie Robinson did. Harrison Ford deserves a Academy Award nomination, but he probably wont get one.
From the first shot you feel like your in space. The whole film you feel like your in space. The dialogue wasn't great, luckily this movie didn't have a whole lot of talking. This is a monumental piece for film. It will change film very much like Avatar did when it came out. 
The best Disney animation sense the Lion King. The music was fantastic. When you step out of the theater you will be singing the songs for weeks. You will want to download the soundtrack. I didn't know a animated movie could have a such a good, semi-original story. It is a Disney animation so you could basically predict the whole thing. It was still entertaining.
4.Man of Steel
The more times I watch this, the more I fall in love with it. Warner Brothers (the studio that owns the film rights to DC) did an excellent job at starting out a new franchise. Henry Cavill was an excellent Clark. He was the right choice if you wanted to make a franchise. He will just keep getting better and better. This by far is the best comic book film of 2013.
3.Captain Phillips
There is a lot of controversy about how this film inaccurately shows the story. I didn't care. I don't go to the movies for a history lesson. I just go for a good time. That's exactly what I got. Tom Hanks is awesome as always great. It was suspenseful not scary, but suspenseful. You will definitely feel the fear and emotions of the crew. Tom Hanks in the last 15 minutes of it, by far the best on screen acting I have seen all year.
2.The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
This was my number 1 most anticipated film of the year. I'm so glad it ended in my top 5. The story was great, the visuals were great, the acting was great, and even the music was fantastic. If you want a more in depth look go look at my review.
1.The Hobbit:The Desolation of Smaug
This was a great addition to the Middle Earth series. I loved this movie. I had such a great experience in the theater. This film was long like it should have been. Peter Jackson keeps on impressing every one with his work. If you want to hear more, go look on my review.

There you go. My top 20 of 2013. Whats on your list? Did you feel like I missed anything? Do you think something should have been higher on my list? Or even lower? Comment down below. 



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