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Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Review

     The latest installment in the middle earth saga The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is an amazing film worth your money. The film is pure and perfects everything.It succeeds at everything it was going for.  Everything that makes a great movie was present. Music, cinematography, a good  story, and even amazing visuals.
     The negatives were easily spotted.  At some parts the visual effects were sloppy. It didn't look perfessional. It didn't look real which at moments which took my enjoyment away. Maybe that would be fixed if I saw it in 48 FPS (frames per second).That only happend for about 10 minutes of the near 3 hour film, so it was really not that big of deal. There is a random love story/interest in it that made absolutely no sense and the movie could do with out. I guess Peter Jackson (the director) just wanted to make the longest film possible so, he decided to add things to make that happen. It didn't take my enjoyment away from the film, but it was not necessary and they easily could have done something else to fill that time. The movie does not fallow the book (which I'm not mad about) so they could have had another side story to occupy the time. 
     There are so many positives that when I'm done with this review I'm sure I will remember something that I did not include. I will try my best to include everything which will be very hard. 
     The Hobbit movie series focuses more around Thorin Okenshield then Bilbo.  In fact, Bilbo is hardly in it. The story focuses about Thorin trying to reclaim his (and the other dwarfs) home and become king. I'm totally fine with that. It leaves a lot of room for character development which it succeeds at. All the dwarfs have their time to shine. Everything that happend in the movie moved the story a long and it built character. 
     I was not a big fan of the first Hobbit as most people were.  It had problems. Espically with the pacing. The first one felt like 3 hours. Those 3 hours were boaring and didn't make me want to know what will happen.  This one totally does everything better than the first one. The pacing was quick and never boaring. The movie felt like a 2 hour movie instead of a 3 hour movie. It flew by which is always a good thing.
     I was worried when I figured out that Legolas and Thoral (a character they just made up) were going to be in it. I really don't know why I was worried. They fit in perfectly. The story didn't stagger with the addition of them, it swiftly moved along and didn't bother me. Evagine Lilly did an awesome job of playing a character that does not exist in the Middle Earth lore.She brought her own uniqness. She was one of the strongest characters in the film.
     Benedict Cumberbatch.  What more do I have to say? When most actors do voice overs for something they go into a studio then leave after 2 hours or how ever long it takes them, but not Cumberbatch. He was dedicated to his part.You could tell that. He also did the motion capture for the dragon Smaug.  No other actor could portray or do the voice like he did. He was in the top 3 for the best things in the movie. The scene where Bilbo first encountered Smaug was only about 15 minutes. I would be totally fine if it was an hour. The chemistry between the 2 might just have been the reason why this might be my favorite movie scene for the whole year.
     There are more scenes that are some of the best ever. The barrel scene was awesome in every way. The way the water was shown was awesome. The camera shots and cinematography are some of if not the best I've ever seen.
     And just stay after the credits so you can hear the fantastic song.
     Like I mentioned before,  I probably did not mention every positive because there are so many. You need to see it for your self. It's my favorite film of the year. I give it a 9.8/10

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