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Monday, August 8, 2016

Suicide Squad Review

          Without a doubt, Will Smith and Margot Robbie are the best parts about this movie.They played the best characters in this movie, Deadshot and Harley Quinn. I would be more than thrilled to see these two characters in another movie. In fact, I want to see a Harley Quinn movie now. I want to see a Deadshot movie now. They are too likable to not want to see them again. Viola Davis was really good as Amanda Waller. I wish that she will come back. Diablo played by Jay Hernandez is the only other character that you will appreciate.
          I don't think this movie is a disaster all the time. I just think it's a disaster eighty-five to ninety percent of the time. When this movie misses the spot, it misses the spot hard.
          I don't know why comic book movies have a tough time (for the most part) at making a good villain. More often than not they are really lack luster and really forgettable. This movie is no exception. You never have time to get to know this character. Unfortunately they decide to dedicate quite a bit of time to this character during the third act. And it just doesn't work. I couldn't care less about the final action scene because I didn't care for the character. I didn't even know what they were trying to do. Were they trying to destroy the world? They never made that clear. I don't know why they made the conflict on this big of a spectacle. It just didn't feel like it fit in with this movie. In fact it reminded me a lot of last years Fantastic 4 at some points. The finale just came off as some generic action piece. It was really cartoony and frankly, it didn't make very much sense. Then the villain had a random brother that possessed a random citizen guy. What I just said made no sense because it made no sense in the movie. The CGI they used on the brother was pre-2005 CGI. It was awful. There are so many other problems with this movie.
          Let's talk about the Joker. During the marketing campaign, he was used as a focus point for this movie. This movie basically has nothing to do with the Joker at all. He is hardly in this movie. You could cut out every scene with the Joker and the movie would still make sense. I bet you anything, that the only reason they included Joker was because the studio knows the Joker is very popular. The Joker has no purpose in this movie besides being a marketing tool. They wanted to fit him into the movie. They wanted to give him purpose and by doing so, they decided to cram in one of the best comic story lines, MAD LOVE (The origin story of Harley Quinn) into just 3-4 minutes of screen time by using really disjointed flashbacks that don't belong in this movie anyway. It also doesn't help that I hated this portrayal of the Joker. Jared Leto seemed like he was doing a terrible impression of Heath Ledger's Joker. I hope we never get to see this Joker again. He was a terrible addition to this movie.
          Tone was a big problem in this movie.  It felt like there were two movies jammed into one. One movie had a darker tone, the other movie had a lighter tone. The thing that pained me the most is, you can tell that there is a much darker version of this movie out there. I wish the stuck with that tone.
          This movie was a movie with no real structure to it. There are a whole bunch of flashbacks. Flashbacks that happen all throughout the movie. All of these flashbacks just don't make sense. It seemed like they filmed each scene in this movie, than inserted those scenes at random. They just didn't make a cohesive story.
           Suicide Squad is a movie that doesn't have good grasp of what it is. Even though it has standouts like Deadshot and Harley Quinn, it doesn't have enough to call it an enjoyable movie. With missteps that have to do with tone and pacing, Suicide Squad turns out to be a movie that will be forgetful and boring. I give Suicide Squad a 2/5.

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