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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Star Trek Beyond Review

          The USS Enterprise is exploring the deepest parts of uncharted space. During their expedition, they get attacked and crash land on this mysterious planet. The crew of the Enterprise get separated as they try to survive the evil wrath of Krall.
         This movie is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. And it does so in the best way possible. Beyond has what you wan't from a blockbuster but, it is also paying respect to the original cast and crew. Beyond is essentially a small independent film inside a big blockbusters body. While it has action and explosions, it doesn't loose sense of what Star Trek is. You have the humor, the great characters, and a great story. You will be entertained by Beyond from beginning to end.
          The best part about this movie is the writing. Simon Pegg and his writing partner make it so this movie has a great sense of character because, the most important thing to the Star Trek movies are its characters. Everything the characters say to one another feel very organic and not forced. This movie has great character moments intertwined with the whole movie. Especially the moments between Bones and Spock. This movie knows what to do to be a summer blockbuster but, it also makes sure the characters are in the forefront of it all.
          Idris Elba does a great job playing the villain Krall but, his character doesn't have as much depth as you might want from a villain. This happens throughout the whole entire movie. You never really understand the villains motives until the end. But even when you figure out why Krall is doing the stuff he is, it doesn't pay off. Don't go into this movie looking for a great villain because you won't get one.
          There was a great new addition to this movie and that was the character of Jaylah. She was awesome. She was a great action star, she looked great, and she had some funny lines. The best thing is she never got annoying. You will come out of this movie loving this character.
          Star Trek Beyond is my favorite movie in this rebooted franchise and it is definitely towards the top on my list of the best Star Trek movies. It's a movie where each act builds on top of the previous one. The first act is good, the second act is great, and the third act is awesome. The movie gets better as it goes on. It hooks you from the begging and then it takes you on a journey that became one of my favorite films of the year.
          With the smaller character moments and the throwbacks to the original Star Trek Beyond is a phenomenal Star Trek movie. I'm going to give Star Trek Beyond a 4.5/5.

RIP Leonard Nimoy & Anton Yelchin. He went too soon.

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