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Friday, February 20, 2015

The Marvelous Spider-man--Spiderman back with the Avnegers?

Ever since this whole MARVEL cinematic universe has started (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor,etc...) people have wondered where the heck is our neighborhood friendly Spider-man? The answer to that was the rights to Spider-man belonged to Sony Studios because a long time ago MARVEL (before they were bought by Disney) was going bankrupt so they had to sell the rights to some of their characters.
Today, people don't have to hope or wish for Spidey to be in the MCU (MARVEL cinematic universe) anymore. MARVEL Studios has come to an agreement with Sony Studios to include Spider-man in their movies. 
The deal that they have made is Spider-man will appear in an upcoming MCU film. All the creative control, all the money, etc.. will go to MARVEL/Disney with this crossover movie. After Spider-man appears in the MCU film, he will be in a stand alone Spider-man film produced by Sony. Anything financial that comes from the stand alone movie will go to Sony. Also with the stand alone film it says that Sony will have complete creative control. 
I call big BS Sony having complete creative control. 
With Spider-man being in the MCU that means his movies are going to have to coincide with what's happening. MARVEL has recently stated that they have plans for the next 10 years. There is no way that MARVEL would let Sony do what ever the heck they want. MARVEL will definitely give them guidelines and story points they have to hit then Sony will be able to cast who ever they want. 
Of course I'm thrilled about this news. It's freaking awesome. However the thing I'm most furious about is that they are recasting Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spider-man. Garfield is the perfect choice for this role. He is such a talented actor (If you disagree go watch Social Network) and he nails the roles of the both sides he needs to play. I din't like The Amazing Spider-man 2, but Garfield was clearly not the problem with it. Who would I want as Peter Parker? One name I would like to see is Logan Lerman. He is a really good actor and he is the age that MARVEL would want. Another name I'll throw out there is Ansel Elgort from Fault in Our Stars and Divergent fame. Those would be my top 2 names. More actors I could see playing the character is Dylan O'brien from The Maze Runner, and go ahead and call me crazy for this name, but Zac Efron. I think he could pull it off. People seem to forget how good of an actor Efron is. 
Another question this raises is what MCU film will Spider-man appear in? I think the most likely option is we will first see him in an after credit scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron for about 3 seconds. The first full length film we will see him in is probably Captain America:Civil War. In the Civil War comic book story line, Spider-man plays a really important part. For you that don't know the Civil War story line it is about a big conflict between Iron Man and Captain America about if they should reveal their secret identity. Spider-man does reveal that he is Peter Parker at one point and it causes a big conflict. 
MARVEL really scored on this deal. They got the better end of it. They got Spider-man for basically free. If they want to test if characters to see if audiences will react positively to him they can throw that character into the Spider-man universe.
I'm really excited about this news other than the fact the Garfield will be leaving. I've always wanted to see Spider-man fight along side the Avengers in a live action movie. 

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