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Sunday, February 15, 2015

No Paint Samples in this Movie (A Funny Review for Fifty Shades of Grey)

Going into this movie I hoped for some tips on how to paint my house. I was struggling what type of grey to paint my basement. I wasn't sure If I should choose glamor grey, summer fog, frosted denim, or sable night. I wanted this movie to help me persuade my choice one way or the other. Unfortunately this movie was an extreme letdown. It had nothing to do with paint samples or interior design. I was really hoping for some house decorating tips. One of the stars of the film Dakota Johnson looks like an HGTV host reject and the other star Jamie Dornan looks like a third property brother. You should not see this movie for some pretty obvious reasons.
1.) I want to still believe that there is hope in humanity by depending on materials other than movies to help you paint your living area. 
2.) This movie is so wrong. It's completely unpractical. It's a complete waste of your time. I mean what is the purpose of having the phrase "Shades of Grey" in your title and not even mention paint once. 
3.) If this movie teaches you anything, it teaches you that you should take control of what color to paint your house. You shouldn't depend on others opinions, you shouldn't let others boss you around. Paint your house green for all I care. You do what your heart desires. 
The only good thing about this movie was the posters were grey. That's the only thing loyal to the title of this movie.
I give this movie (.2/5)

*Didn't actually see the movie*

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