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Friday, July 28, 2017

The Emoji Movie Review

          I want you to imagine two things. I want you to imagine a big dumpster that holds the stinkiest trash ever. At the bottom there is dumpster juice and it just reeks. The other thing I want you to imagine is a recycling bin. It doesn't stink but you still throw away stuff in it. The Emoji Movie belongs in the recycling bin. You throw it away because it's trash. It just doesn't stink. I don't know how to review this movie other than that. Here is another way I can review this movie. 
          Poop. Crap. But remember a pile of poop that doesn't stink. In this case the poop has a more symbolic meaning than a literal one. You can tell that this pile of poop is having a good time. It's loving it's life. I enjoy watching this figurative pile of crap enjoying its life. I don't like this pile of poop, I just like watching it enjoy its self. That is going to be your experience watching The Emoji Movie. You won't like the pile of poop (the movie its self) but you will enjoy what the movie is doing. You will enjoy the the things it is trying to do. The Emoji Movie presents some interesting concepts. It does some cool stuff that involves Spotify, Dropbox, and even a Just Dance app. You can tell that the creators of this movie had a good time creating everything in it. I just didn't enjoy the final product. 
          That's the best way I can describe this movie. I don't know how to put it into words. It's a whole new experience. If you are morbidly curious about this movie, you should probably go see it so you can appreciate good movies. This movie makes Cars 2 look like Toy Story. If you were ever curious about this movie it's best to just go see it and experience it for yourself. Don't take that as a recommendation, take it as an invitation to go see this movie so you can fully experience the feeling that no other movie will be able to give you this year. 


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