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Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Review

          I like every film in this franchise. I surprisingly liked Mockingjay Pt.1 when a lot of people didn't. Pt.2 just sucks.
         This movie was incredibly boring. It might be the most boring movie I have seen this year. The way the exposition was done was always drab. Now, I get that the world is dull, but you still need some excited moments in there to color it a bit.
          From the trailers it looked like the armies of the united districts are coming together and attacking the capitol. The thing we have been waiting 4 movies for. Do you seen any of that? Do you see anything that has to do with the districts attacking the capitol? Nope. You don't see any of it. There is nothing in this movie that helps move the story forward. It feels like they were making the film and they thought to themselves "We forgot to add something exciting. Let's add it here and have it make no sense."  They threw in nonsense hoping that it would make us appreciate what was going on. It didn't.  Another thing I got from the trailer was when Katniss and her group were marching towards President Snow's mansion, there were traps all over the town and they would have to skillfully plan how to avoid them; and we would see them struggling to survive the traps that they got into. They only focused on one trap. They had a perfect opportunity to have some really interesting conflict. But they didn't.
          Without spoiling anything, there are some pretty key reveals that they just screwed up, that carried no emotional impact what so ever. When a reveal happened they only focused on it for about 2-15 seconds. There was literally nothing there to make me care.
           Just like Lord of the Rings: Return of the King this movie could've literally ended 10 different times. The difference being when it seemed like Mockingjay Pt.2 was going to end, it should have and it shouldn't have kept going. I just wanted this movie to end. And when it didn't and it kept going, I was seriously thinking about leaving the theater. I about had enough with this movie. The whole movie moved along with the same speed as a sloth. The whole movie was just filler scenes with no actual scenes to help the story.
          I was so disappointed by this movie because I really liked the other movies. Especially Pt.1. I knew Pt.1 was the build up to what was going to happen in Pt.2. But Pt.2 ending up being really boring with no payoff in it.
          Harry Potter handled the whole Pt.1 Pt.2 situation really well. What we left wanting in Pt.1 came in Pt.2. When you watch the Deathly Hollows Pt.1 and Pt.2 you realize it needed to be 2 movies. You couldn't put all of the of the things we needed to have in one movie. In Mockingjay you could have easily put everything into one movie. When they split the 2 movies they also split there chances of having both movies be good. Mockingjay Pt.2 could have been Battle of Hogwarts good. It just wasn't. They were lazy with the way the handled the main conflict of this series. I couldn't even tell Pt.2 was about a rebellion. If I went into Pt.2 without watching any other movie in this franchise, I would have thought this movie was about, well, I don't know what I would think this movie was about. It was so diluted down from what it could have been.
         This movie sucks. 1.3/5


  1. We go see it Tuesday. I hope since my expectations are low I will like it more than you did.

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