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Friday, October 4, 2013

Gravity Review

     Gravity, a film about 2 astronauts Ryan Stone (Played by Sandra Bullock) and Matt Kowalski (Portrayed by George Clooney)as they are in space trying fixing a Hubble telescope. But a near by satellite blew up and debris from that satellite is coming towards them. In a hurry they try to save them selves but as you probably could have guessed, they did not do it fast enough. The debris hit their rocket and it caused Ryan and Matt left floating in space. 
     You might be thinking this film is just about people floating around in space. But its not. Its about survival. He have seen different movies and television shows about survival, but we have not seen it like this. Imagine an episode of Survivor in space. Conditions are 10x worse and there is always a risk of random debris coming towards you faster than you can blink an eye. It was a movie based on a survivor. 
     I can see this movie being nominated for at least 7 academy awards. This is going to be a Oscar heavy film. It has a 98% critic rating on rotten tomatoes. Critics love it. 91% of the audience loved it. I would not be surprised if this gets nominated for a whole bunch of Oscars. The first one I see it being up for is the Musical Score. One of the most important things to me when watching a movie is the score. The score adds so much to the film. Gravity would be nothing with out it. It adds so much to the movie going experience and makes it so much more enjoyable.
     The next two Oscars I see it being up for is Best Visual Effects and Best Cinematography. You can imagine all the work on the visual effects that went into this. After all, there was hardly an ounce of reality in this! It takes place in space the whole time!!! It's incredible how the visual effects crew executed this so perfectly. The visual effects would be nothing with out the way they are shown off. You have to just go see it for your self to see how incredible it is. 
     Next Best Directing, Best Actress in a Leading Role, and Best Actor in a Supporting role. Lets start off with the director Alfonso Cuaron. The director is the head of the film. He dictates how to use the visual effects. He did a fantastic job of doing that. He did a good job of directing the actors to make them feel believable. He deserves just to be nominated. Same with George Clooney as supporting actor. He made the parts of the film he was in awesome. My favorite part of the film were the scenes with Clooney. He added a whole bunch of "character". Bullock has to win for best Leading Actress. 80% of the movie was just her. Bullock and nothing else. How she carried the whole movie with being just by herself? She is amazing. She played the role absolutely perfect. I don't think any one else could have played it better. She carried the whole freaking movie by herself. That's incredible. If she does not at least get nominated, I will be so furious. 
     The 7th Oscar this film deserves is Best Picture. Yes, a film a bout trying to survive in space can win Best Picture!! This film is one of the few films I give the title of "Perfect Film" to. There was literally nothing wrong with it. It's my number one film of the year. Everything came together as it should, Clooney and Bullock gave a stellar performance. I give this film a 9.5/10 or a A++++. 

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  1. I TOTALLY AGREE FOR ONCE! The movie had great visual effects and it had awesome suspense and drama!

  2. I TOTALLY AGREE FOR ONCE! The movie had great visual effects and it had awesome suspense and drama!