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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Percy Jackson:Sea of Monsters review

     The latest installment in the Pecy Jackson series The Sea of Monsters came out. This movie fallows Pecy Jackson a demi-god (half god half human) on a quest to save his beloved home Camp Half Blood, the only place in the world where Demi-gods are save. But when the wall that protects the camp is broken every Demi-god is in danger.  Then they figured out they need to retrieve the golden fleece from the Sea of Monsters (or the Bermuda Triangle. ) So Mr.D sent out Clarisse to lead a quest towards The Sea of Monsters. But Percy is not on this quest. Later on Percy figures out that there is a prophecy about him. Then he leads his own quest to The Sea of Monsters with his friend Annabeth, his satyr friend Grover, and his new cyclops brother Tyson. But when Grover gets captured there quest not only is to get the Golden Fleece before Luke (who wants to unleash Kronos) but to save Grover. 
     I love the Percy Jackson books. And I completely have forgotten what happens in the 2nd book. So I didn't re-read it so I didnt compare the movie to the book like I did with the first one. You don't need to read the book before you see the movie!
     Ok. Lets start off with the few negatives this film has. Let's move on to the positives.
     Now let's talk about how genius this film is. Lets start off with the little things. The music was great. For every scene it was appropriate. The director did a really good job for picking the songs/music to set the mood. They way the film started was awesome. It explains to you the whole demigod and camp half blood thing so you can understand the film with out reading the books. Then there is a flashback to make you understand even more. But when it comes to the present day the movie starts off how I like every movie to start. Action. And even better the chemistry between the characters! The first real thing that stands out is the chemistry between Percy and Clarisse. The real rivalry between the 2. And then between Tyson and Percy. I love it when you can feel what the characters are going through.  They did an excellent job casting. The new characters they brought in we awesome. The played the characters exactly like they should've by making the main and important characteristics of each of them to stand out. The story was creative. The way the director made it so the main points of the book are the main parts of the movie was pure awesome. 
     Over all this film is one of my favorite of the year. It is fun and they did a good job for making this enjoyable for Percy Jackson and non Percy Jackson fans. Over all I give this film a A, a 4.7 or a 9.5. 

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