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Friday, July 19, 2013

Pacific Rim Top 5 Friday

My #5 most anticipated summer film Pacific Rim came out last week. So I'm going to try something new. If you are a fan of this leave it in the comments. I'm going to do my review of Pacific Rim for Top 5 Friday. The top 5 things I loved about this film.
 It's Everything a Summer Block Buster should be.
Yes. Technically every thing that comes out in the summer is called a summer block buster. But this one advances every ones thoughts of a blockbuster. A movie filled of action. A fun movie that is fun for all ages. People who like action, comedy, a nice strong plot. Everything a summer blockbuster has.
Charlie Day
When I saw Charlie Day was cast I was thinking that he can't be in a serious movie. It won't work! So they put Charlie Day in a comedic role. I don't want to call him the comedic relief but the comedic break. There was really 1 main plot and a mini side plot in which Charlie day was in. Charlie Day played a doctor by the name of Dr.Newton Geiszler. That name should make you think he is the funny one. His part of the story is he is trying to figure out how the aliens are getting from the depths of the ocean to the earth and how people can stop it. He is witty and makes you laugh in what every scenario he is in.
Cinematography/Visual effects
I'm telling you right now. If Pacific Rim is not nominated for the best visual effects and/or cinematography, I will be absolutely furious. The main focus of this film are the big robots and the big aliens. They made it look great! They spent lots of time making sure every last detail of both of them looked perfect. I could see every last penny of their 190mil the spent making this film. The fight scenes were awesome. They zoomed up on the robots so you could tell who is throwing the punch and understand the robots. The robots looked human. They walk just like we walk. To make it look that real and cool is outstanding. 
Who was the Main character?
You might think of this as a bad thing. Its not. You really couldn't tell who was the main character. At some points you though Idris Elba was the character the film focused on. Other points you though Charlie Hunnam was the character they wanted to focus on, even Charlie Day in his parts seemed like the movie was just about him. That means that the character development was excellent. It made you feel for the characters. 
It's Pacific Rim
This movie was all around awesome. I even forgot to mention the music. Its my number 3 film of the year so far. (Behind Man of Steel and Star Trek:Into Darkness.) If your trying to find a good summer blockbuster to go to, go to this one. I rate it a  7/10.

Remember to comment if you would like me to do some more movie reviews in Top 5 format.  And remember to check back daily.          

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