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Sunday, April 21, 2013



Tom Cruise's latest movie titled Oblivion shot for the stars and didn't even make it out of the atmosphere. From the trailers I expected it to be a NASA space rocket. A big film that was interesting and intriguing. It turned out to be a 5 year old's play toy. Not interesting and something I wish I was never involved with. If your judging this film by it's trailer like I did, you will not have a good time.
After starting off on a negative note lets go to the few positive. 
Visual Effects/Cinematography- Let me just say, if these 2 things I praise are not up for any Oscars in 2014. I will slash somebody's tires. They way that they made the world look "Oblivion" was AMAZING. I thought when I walked out the theater I was going to be in a world full of nothing. It looked so real. The way that they made the drones fly through the air, they way that they moved the camera at the right time, when they zoomed the camera in and out made me feel like I was there standing by Jack (Tom's character) through out the whole movie. (That's a bad thing). And also the sound track was better then most but not enough to rave about.
        Like any other Cruise movie, little character development. In order to see it you need a 10,000 dollar microscope. There were hardly any. The characters stay the same the whole movie. You don't get to know a lot about the characters and I wished I have known a lot more about them. It would've made the movie make a lot more sense. I almost forgot to mention the characters they put in there that were not necessary and it could've been fine with out them. It would've made the movie better with out them. 
        The basic gist of the movie is something you could relate to a 2001: A Space Odyssey. If anyone told you they got what the movie was about. They would be lying. The movie made no sense. It was hard to tell what was going on. It was a very complex movie that needs a lot of movie going in order to get it.  And I know for a fact that I won't spend $8.25 8 times in order to get it. Personally I'm mad that I spent $8.25 on it once.
        The movie took a while to get going. The first 5 minutes was narrated and the could've easily added more of there stunning special effects into it. It just seems like they were to lazy so instead of making the movie more interesting, they decided not to. After the movie decided to get into action it never ended. You might be thinking "Action is good." Not the action in Oblivion. The action moved on very slowly and I about fell asleep in this Sci-Fi action thriller. The story was less then interesting and it went on for ever. The movie was 2 hours and 6 minutes. It literally could've been 80 minutes instead of 1286. It just kept on going, going, and going. During the movie I had to go to the bathroom. I did not want to miss the end of the film because I was hoping it was going to be interesting. Every time I thought it was the end it dragged on for another 5 minutes. And I thought the end was near again. It went on for another 5 minutes. So I just decided to get up and leave because I knew when I came back to movie was not going to be over. The movie also had a lot of completely random moments that were not necessary.
        I just think after bagging on the movie I should give my favorite part of going to the theater. The trailers. Yep, the trailer was my favorite part of the movie. With the Man of Steel, and RIPD trailer this part took the cake and winning my favorite part
         If your hoping the movie will be like the trailer, and because Morgan Freeman is in it, don't go. Morgan is hardly even in it.

Now for my ranking. I rate Oblivion a 6.5 out of 10 or a very low C+

I hoped this review was helpful. I tried my best with out trying to reveal the movie. If you see it and don't agree with my review, that is the great thing about film. Everyone was a different opinion about everything. Come Back later!!

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